Sunday, June 9, 2013

The IT Hollow Branding

Hi everyone! Erik here. I hope that this blog will be a place that you can come to to find some creative inspiration! Both Carolyn and I have some big plans for this site in the next few months, so keep checking back often because there will always be new things to spark and inspire your creativity. 

For this first post, I wanted to share some recent work that we've done and are continuing to work on.
We were recently approached by Eric Shanks of the IT hollow for help with a logo and some branding for his blog. He is a senior systems engineer and he started a blog sharing his experiences with computer networks and IT systems.  He had the content down pat, but wanted a more cohesive feel for the brand that he was creating. He already had the web site name, The IT Hollow, and that’s where we began.

We brainstormed and quickly and kept coming back to ideas about trees and technology. We tried several versions and the idea that emerged was a combination of a tree and a circuit board. We liked the thought of technology growing up from the ground, taking shape, and changing over time. We ended up making 3in x 3in vinyl stickers as a promo piece that could be handed out at conferences like business cards. The blog header was also updated and the logo was put onto t-shirts and buttons.

Just recently Eric’s blog was voted one of the top 50 VMware and Virtualization blogs by the readers of To celebrate, we designed a TOP 50 award logo for the site. Check it out here

IT Hollow Blog Header

IT Hollow Screen Printed T-Shirts

IT Hollow Promotional Giveaway Vinyl Stickers and Buttons

IT Hollow Promotional Button 2-1/4" dia.

IT Hollow Promotional Vinyl Sticker, 3"x 3"

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