Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Whats on your Worktable Wednesday: Fabric!

Whatever Inspires acquired a beautiful older sewing machine from my mom (thanks mom!) and we have been busy coming up with all the different ways we can use it.  We recently hit on something that puts both of us to work, Erik doing a lot of the original designing, me sewing and adding details, and both of us picking out fabrics!   So this week, we have lots and lots of fabric on our worktable:

If you know us, you can probably tell which ones I picked and which ones Erik picked, although we only bought ones we both agreed on.  My favorite though is the left most fabric in the bottom picture.  It reminds me of the book "Where the Wild Things Are" by Maurice Sendak (my favorite children's book ever!), which is good, because what we are making is stuffed monsters:

I haven't sewn in a really long time (probably since I was in high school school).  My mom loves to sew - we always had the best halloween costumes, and she often made us clothes, bags, stuffed animals, etc, but she was really great at was quilting - and she was always trying to teach us.  I learned the basics, but I just wasn't that into it.  I would rather help my dad build our swing set or fix the toilet, I was just that kind of girl!  But I always helped mom when she was making stuff for us, that was kind of the unwritten rule - if you asked for something, you had to help.  So, I did a lot of turning things right side out, stuffing things, hand sewing and the all important watching.  I learned a lot more from mom that I ever thought I did, because even though I have never made a stuffed animal before the little guy above was my practice one, and I only called her a couple of times during the process.  So far, we have finished one monster, he was a gift to the cutest little "monster" I know, and of course I forgot to photograph him before I gave him away, so they're not the best pictures, but check out how cute he came out!

I just love this fabric and I just love his little wings in the back.  We stitched everything down completely because I didn't want it getting pulled off by little hands, but I think it actually made him better instead of being a compromise.  I'll probably end up making myself one of these, because he's so darn cute! We have a bunch of designs ready to go, so hopefully in the near future we will have a bunch more monsters to add to our collection! They are really fun to see come together.  

What's on your worktable this week, and which fabric do you want to see us make a monster out of next? 

Monday, June 17, 2013

Color Palette Monday

So, we probably should have waited till we got back from our most recent vacation to relaunch the blog... Right after I wrote that post about restarting this blog we went on vacation for nearly 2 weeks (well, sort of a working vacation for me, but still) and we hadn't quite worked out the kinks in the blog before we left so ya. But no we've got this thing (mostly) worked out, so with that said, lets get this started with this week's Color Palette Monday (on Tuesday morning)...

I took this photo shortly after take-off on my flight from Chicago back to LAX.  There were some crazy storms rolling into the Chicago area just as we took off (lightening and possible tornadoes), so we flew a little further South than normal.  As we were taking off, we saw some lightening, and then we flew above the first layer of clouds.  Thinking we were above it all - one of my favorite places to be - I looked outside, and saw that we were actually inside the clouds - there were clouds below us, and above us!   It was really beautiful, and I'm not sure I captured just how beautiful it was in this photo, but it's a pretty cool shot anyway.

Hope you had a good weekend, sorry I'm a little late with this post!

Sunday, June 9, 2013

The IT Hollow Branding

Hi everyone! Erik here. I hope that this blog will be a place that you can come to to find some creative inspiration! Both Carolyn and I have some big plans for this site in the next few months, so keep checking back often because there will always be new things to spark and inspire your creativity. 

For this first post, I wanted to share some recent work that we've done and are continuing to work on.
We were recently approached by Eric Shanks of the IT hollow for help with a logo and some branding for his blog. He is a senior systems engineer and he started a blog sharing his experiences with computer networks and IT systems.  He had the content down pat, but wanted a more cohesive feel for the brand that he was creating. He already had the web site name, The IT Hollow, and that’s where we began.

We brainstormed and quickly and kept coming back to ideas about trees and technology. We tried several versions and the idea that emerged was a combination of a tree and a circuit board. We liked the thought of technology growing up from the ground, taking shape, and changing over time. We ended up making 3in x 3in vinyl stickers as a promo piece that could be handed out at conferences like business cards. The blog header was also updated and the logo was put onto t-shirts and buttons.

Just recently Eric’s blog was voted one of the top 50 VMware and Virtualization blogs by the readers of To celebrate, we designed a TOP 50 award logo for the site. Check it out here

IT Hollow Blog Header

IT Hollow Screen Printed T-Shirts

IT Hollow Promotional Giveaway Vinyl Stickers and Buttons

IT Hollow Promotional Button 2-1/4" dia.

IT Hollow Promotional Vinyl Sticker, 3"x 3"