Tuesday, May 28, 2013

.....And we're back!

Hey everyone!  Whatever Inspires went away for a little while (ok, a long while) but we're back and we're better than ever!

Whatever Inspires is evolving.  It turns out that maintaining a blog was harder than I expected, and I gave up pretty quickly.  Lame, I know, but it's the truth.  Around the same time, my hubby also had a blog that went by the wayside, and we have been passing around the idea of selling some of our creations online.  We decided that rather than try to run 2 small side businesses, we would combine forces and Whatever Inspires was the perfect umbrella to run literally whatever inspired us.   There may be photography posts, and jewelry posts, and I am hoping to reinstate "What's on your Worktable Wednesdays" as we both write about what we are inspired by.   So, without further ado, I would like to introduce you to my hubby, and fellow blogger Erik.

Ok, he's not usually that ferocious.  He's a photographer, and fellow architectural designer.  We went to college together (graduating in 2003 & 2004), and have been pretty much inseperable ever since, except the year he spent in London getting a masters degree.  Finally got ourselves married in 2009, and have been enjoying our own little adventure since then - and looking forward to many years to come.  Ok, lets try this picture thing again...

That's better, well, he would like this one better anyway.  This is when the giant (340 ton) rock "sculpture" was moved from a quarry in Riverside 105 miles across Los Angeles to LACMA, and my darling hubby humored me to go see it one night when it was near our house.  VERY cool!  Anyway, he's a good husband and a GREAT photographer and designer, and I'm super excited to be sharing this blog with him! I'm looking forward to the other fun changes that might come our way, and continuing this journey with him.   Welcome to the blog, Erik, let's make Whatever Inspires shine!