Monday, June 17, 2013

Color Palette Monday

So, we probably should have waited till we got back from our most recent vacation to relaunch the blog... Right after I wrote that post about restarting this blog we went on vacation for nearly 2 weeks (well, sort of a working vacation for me, but still) and we hadn't quite worked out the kinks in the blog before we left so ya. But no we've got this thing (mostly) worked out, so with that said, lets get this started with this week's Color Palette Monday (on Tuesday morning)...

I took this photo shortly after take-off on my flight from Chicago back to LAX.  There were some crazy storms rolling into the Chicago area just as we took off (lightening and possible tornadoes), so we flew a little further South than normal.  As we were taking off, we saw some lightening, and then we flew above the first layer of clouds.  Thinking we were above it all - one of my favorite places to be - I looked outside, and saw that we were actually inside the clouds - there were clouds below us, and above us!   It was really beautiful, and I'm not sure I captured just how beautiful it was in this photo, but it's a pretty cool shot anyway.

Hope you had a good weekend, sorry I'm a little late with this post!

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